1. Turn your phone off for a few hours..

2. Give yourself a manicure

3. Lay in the sunshine

4. Organize and clean your closet

5. Go on a road trip and drive to a new destination

6. Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the fresh air

7. Light your favorite scented candles

8. Take a bath with essential oils

9. Make a homemade scrub (..sugar and coconut oil?)

10. Practice yoga (check out youtube if you’re a newbie!)

11. Do some online shopping.. The perfect Sunday activity ❥

12. Start writing a Sunday journal… What did you do this week?

13. Drink a green juice or make a smoothie bowl

14. Go to bed early

15. Treat yourself with a cup of tea and a magazine

16. Walk somewhere new and explore

17. Plan a weekend away with someone special

18. Buy yourself flowers

19. Cozy up in your favorite blanket

20. Watch an old movie that makes you feel good

21. Go over to your besties house and chill together

22. Paint a wall in your home.. I love this one! (Soft mint by Jotun).

23. Listen to your favorite playlist or podcast

24. Clean your home and maybe reshuffle the interior for a fresh change

25. …Or simply just bake something yummy 

19 Responses to 25 things to do on a Sunday

  1. Her var det mange gode tips ? Har du kjøpt deg iPad Pro 10,5″ Eirin? ?‍? Fornøyd? Jeg må bare si at jeg er imponert hvordan du har tilpasset leiligheten din med valg av gulv, kjøkken og glass rekkverk i 2. etasje ? Ha en fin søndag ?

  2. Takk for gode og inspierende tips!!
    Jeg lurte på hva er målene på overskapene dine på det nydelig kjøkkenet ditt og er de delt i to? Klem Amalie ??

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